Student Board Member Scholarship

In the fall of 2021, believing that there is value for a young adult to further their service work and experience what working on the board of a nonprofit is like, The Expressions In Harmony Board of Directors decided to add a student representative(s) from the Norwin Show Choir.
The student(s) needs to be a leader(s) who has shown themselves to be a star student(s), energetic and passionate about serving their community, and dedicated to finding ways to continuously and creatively serve others. They will also need to utilize time management and be able to meet with the board during their monthly meetings.

Any leader of the Norwin Show Choir is welcome to apply with an essay on why they would like to be part of the Board of Directors at the start of the school year. The Board of Directors will vote on whom they believe will be the best fit based on their essay and resume. The term for the student board member is September-May of the academic year they are elected to participate.
After the student board member(s) successfully completes their term, a scholarship award will be given in May of that academic year for their time and talents.

Past Recipients include Ashley Bodnar (2022) and Alex Fumero (2023)